Double Fish K2 series Table Tennis Racket

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Medium Speed & Spin with Soft to Medium Feel | Recommended for Beginning to intermediate Level Players.

The Double Fish K2 series Table Tennis Racket is designed to offer a great foundation of spin and speed. The 7-ply construction offers a medium feel for sufficient power and touch. Rubber 830 has a slightly soft to medium sponge, and its tacky surface offers a better spin and speed.

  • Blade Construction: 7 Plywood.
  • Handle: Flared handle or Penhold handle.
  • Rubber: 830 Red & 830 Black 2.2 mm thickness.
  • Recommended for Beginning to immediate Level Players.
  • Table Tennis Bag including
  • International Table Tennis Federation Approved: Code 23-011

Like most recreational rackets, this racket is assembled with a glue that is intended to keep the rubber permanently attached to the wood for the life of the racket.