Double Fish V40+ Training 100 pcs Balls

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White 40+ ABS Training Balls| Recommended for Multi Balls Training & Practice

Double Fish V40+ Volant table tennis balls is adopting the seamed ball patent manufacturing technology of “Semi-spheroid Molding” and “precisely injection”.    The unique ABS material has the features of low “water absorption”, high “roundness”, and low “deformation”.  No matter in the hot & moisture environment, the balls are still not easy to deform and break, high stability, fastness and durability.  Meanwhile, its high bounce and high speed brings you excellent playing experience.


Packing: 100 pieces per box

Gross Weight: 395 g per box

Size of Box: 15 x 19 x 24 cm


Ball Color: White or Yellow

Application: Training and Practice


Price: $55.00 for one box of 100 balls.