Double Fish Polestar DF-J2 Blade

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Nano fill Technology Blade| Recommended for Off+ Players

The Double Fish Polestar Blade adopts New Racket Fiber NRF manufacturing method and Nano Filling Technology.  It is perfect for controlling, highly sensitive touch and has a forgiving design for effective Offensive Plus player. The pure and refined characteristic of the high quality AYOUS Wood enhances precision even when the ball is not always hit the ball perfectly.

This blade is popular and highly recommended.

Class: OFF+

Surface Material + strength material AYOUS + yellow aromatic carbon fiber + AYOUS core

DF-J2-FL  FL handle Weight: 92.0g +/- 0.3

DF-J2-CS  Penhold Handle Weight: 86.0g +/- 0.3

Blade Thickness: 6mm +/- 0.2


Handles: Flared (FL) or Chinese Penhold (CS)