Double Fish Table Tennis Robot G8 New Programmable

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Playing with Real Human Feel | Recommended for Advance to Professional Players

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Double Fish G-8, Ping Pong Robot, New Programmable Type for ABS 40+mm New Plastic Balls. One of outstanding features is that G-8 can produce Top Spin and Bottom Spin simultaneously without interruption of your practice. The balls shooting to you is 100% identical like a real professional opponent player smashing and loop driving. G-8 Robot is highly recommended by Professional Coaches of My Table Tennis Training Academy as your daily practice partner. One Year Warranty and Local Support are included. 

Functions and Features:

Ball Spin: 8 different spin levels

Serve frequency: 30 to 80 balls per min.

Serve Speed: 4 to 50 Meter/sec

Serve Style: 6 pre-set programs plus its combinations.

Short and Long Ball: Intelligent Random Serve

Learn proper technique by watching the integrated videos that demonstrate a top player properly practicing each pre-programmed drill.


Packing Gross Weight 16 Kg

Package Measurement 97 x 55 x 42 cm