Lezoline Reiss Shoes

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Excellent Grip in Ping Pong Flooring| Recommended for Professional Player

New Arrival 2023

The Lezoline Reiss shoes feature the grip, cushioning, and durability necessary for essential table tennis movement while enhancing the fit to bring comfort too. These unisex shoes feature mesh, synthetic fiber, and artificial leather on the upper part of the shoe. The sole is made with rubber and EVA, ethyl vinyl acetate, that aid in the grip and in cushioning and flexibility, respectively.

The Lezoline Reiss offers a quality, modern design with angles and curves. The Lezoline Reiss shoes also feature the Butterfly Wings logo on the sides in a matching color and laces in matching colors.

Please note that Butterfly shoes are designed to be effective for table tennis play, training, and footwork. A vital piece in protecting the shoe is a "heel counter" that is built into the heel of the shoe. Please use precautions when putting on and taking off your shoes. Be sure to loosen the laces sufficiently before placing your foot in the shoe. This will help keep the life of the shoe. If you unknowingly put your foot on the heel repeatedly, the heel counter will be deformed, and functionality will be lessened.

These Butterfly tournament quality shoes are available in Black or Navy. Sizes range from 4.5 to 10

Size is measured in EU / USA standard.

Example: Size EU 43 = US 9 = insole 11 inch

Size Measurement Chart: